The Lord of Milan

The Lord of Milan is a documentary produced by LeftLion. If tells the story of Herbert Kilpin, who was born in Nottingham in 1870. He worked at the Adams Building in the Lace Market as a Lace assistant, before moving to Italy in the 1890s. From there he went on to found European football giants AC Milan. The film was inspired by Nottingham author Robert Nieri’s novel of the same name. Robert stars in the film alongside former AC Milan players Daniele Massaro, Giovanni Lodetti, Luther Blissett and Mark Hateley. The film also follows the journey of AC Milan historian Luigi La Rocca and his friends Pierangelo Brivio and Enrico Tosi as they make a pilgrimage to Herbert’s old haunts in Nottingham. A LeftLion Film Produced by Robert Nieri Directed by Georgianna Scurfield and Jared Wilson Cinematography Raphael Achache, Natalie Owen and Georgianna Scurfield Editor Georgianna Scurfield Music Supervisor Rob Rosa Graphics Curtis Powell





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Duration: 65 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Jan 01, 1970


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