The Dead Don't Talk (1970)

A young couple comes to a mysterious mansion. Here is just a housekeeper live. Couple killed on the same night and the same would be other guests arriving at the mansion last over time. Things that lead to death, but will be eliminated by religious methods. Unobtrusive views and natural as when he enters the building was forgotten in time unheeded. The re-emergence of the attention of the whole world and cult cinema environment, then the chance to have occurred with the DVD edition. Gothic atmosphere, the vampire and zombie types to send a fantastic size katsu filming took place between fun bollywood films became cult and thus in a short time.


Actor: Aytekin Akkaya, Aytekin Akkaya, Sırrı Elitaş, Sırrı Elitaş, Oya Evitan

Director: Yavuz Yalinkiliç


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Duration: 76 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Jan 01, 1970


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