Since she’s started a passionate new relationship with the handsome and mysterious Joakim, life is smiling back at Lara again. Her marriage to detective Toni is but a distant memory. But when he accuses Joakim of having committed a series of unsolved murders in Luxembourg City’s Peitruss Valley, Lara’s world is thrown upside down. While trying to prove his innocence, she starts to wonder how well she really knows the one she loves.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Actor: Peri Baumeister, Maarten Heijmans, Jules Werner, Anouk Wagener, Sarah Lamesch, Rifka Lodeizen, Roland Gelhausen, Clod Thommes, Josiane Peiffer

Director: Max Jacoby

Country: Luxembourg, Netherlands

Rated: 0/10 with 0 votes.

Duration: 92 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Oct 23, 2019

Production: Samsa Film, New Amsterdam Film Company

Views: 8.011